HAND PAINTED TILE ART: Decorative Ceramic Tiles

.....decorative tiles are the finishing touches
                            for any home or business

Ceramics Studio Store

Currently, we have some tiles on hand that are on SALE please have a look around.

Keep in mind that if we run out of the stock on hand we can make more to complete your order,

though it maybe at a slightly higher price depending on quantity.

Hand-made ceramic tiles made in Los Angeles.

Ceramic tile patterns for bathroom tile, decorative kitchen tiles, kitchen floor tile, floor tiles, fireplace tiles or outdoor tiles. Moorish tiles, Malibu tiles, Modern tiles, and Mediterranean tiles are avalible to name a few...

A word on shipping, usually shipping two tiles across the US will cost about $16.00  and shipping 100 tiles will cost about $100 dollars. So please keep this in mind when placing your order.


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